A Short Introduction To A Long Trip – Grant & Kate’s Round-The-World Adventure

It’s a funny thing to write your first real blog post about something you haven’t even done yet. Do you write about your plans, who you are and why you travel (as if anyone other than close friends and family are going to read your ramblings), or just provide the raw stats? For lack of any better idea, we’ll do all three.


For anyone reading this besides our parents (Hi, Mom!) and friends, we’re Grant (31) and Kate (28): we still count our time married in months, call Missouri & Massachusetts home even though we’ve lived on the beach in Malibu, California, USA, for 6-years (can you freaking believe it’s been 6-years?), and debated seriously just going to Mexico for 6-months (Kate would say permanently) instead of “the world” for 8, because damn we love Mexico. Grant freedives, fishes, hikes, and generally looks for any reason to get outside and away from the laptop from which he runs a technical recruiting company. Kate is a healthcare administrator during the day who by night can turn yeast, flour, and water into things that will straight blow. your. mind.  (Read: she bakes, among other things).

Rather, we were those things professionally. For the rest of 2015 our profession is simply: global citizen, world traveler, or probably most aptly, vagabond.  The apartment lease is resigned, 90% of worldly possessions are sold, the other 10% are stored and we’re taking off on what promises to be an adventure to remember: 8-months, 15-20 countries, 3 continents, and 1 globe circled.

The plan looks something like this, running May-December.


For those looking to link up with us along the way, here is a little more detail on when we’ll be where. The later in the trip, the less sure of when we’ll be where or even if we’ll go to the places we’ve picked. But this, this is “the plan.”

Part 1 – Europe May-July:

The adventure starts May 5th in Rome.  We’ll be enjoying lots of time on the sunny Med, beer halls, wine valleys, and visiting Grant’s family in Germany, soaking up the culture & history (and more wine) in Italy, and venturing into the Balkans for all of the above.

Italy: May, Germany: May/June, Austria/Slovenia/Croatia: June, Croatia/Bosnia: June/July


Part 2 – The Hard To Define Center (The Med, Aegean Sea, Middle East, & Northern Africa)

This section is a strong mix of ancient ruins, tiny Greek islands, and cave hotels. Oh and roasting in the sun, because all smart people go to the middle east in the dead of summer, right?

Greece/Greek Isles: July, Turkey: July/August, Israel & Jordan: August. Egypt- August/Early September.


Part 3 India, Sri Lanka, & Southeast Asia

From the Taj to Bagan, Grant will likely drag Kate to more temples than Indiana Jones while Kate just tries to find baby tigers & elephants to adopt. The o/u on elephants is 2.5, the smart money is on the over.

India: September, Sri Lanka: September/October, Myanmar: October, Thailand: October, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and who knows where else in SE Asia, Oct-Early Dec.


Part 4: The Great Question Mark, December & beyond. We’re thinking about central America and perhaps a certain Caribbean island in the first quarter of next year, but hope/plan to make a stop through Los Estados Unidos for Christmas. Let’s survive part 1 before we get too crazy on the whole planning thing first though.

Well, 600-words in the bank. That would make Mr.Hart happy, this can be signed off for now. Thank you to everyone for all the words of encouragement and excitement. It’s been invaluably helpful in getting us past those moments of “What the hell did we get ourselves into here.”

Keep following along here for occasional stories and get your social media fix with Instagram pix by following Grant: tradingparadises and Kate: mrs_tradingparadises



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