About Us

We’re Grant & Kate Neckermann, or Mr. & Mrs. Trading Paradises. After 8-years in Los Angeles (well, 6 for Kate) and two years of marriage we decided to hit the road for the glories and trials of long term travel. Our first post,  A Short Introduction To A Long Trip, covers most of the who, what, when, & where. We’ll probably type up the why in detail at some point, but the short version is, why not? The world is a big place and we’d seen so little of it. With the means and time at our disposal it seemed irresponsible NOT to do it. Also, fun fact, it will cost us less to travel the world for a year than to live in Los Angeles for the same amount of time.  So, really, why not?

You can always email us by sticking tradingparadises before an at gmail  if you’ve got questions, thoughts, or for logistical advice/support on planning your own trip. We’re not experts at much other than having a great time with your significant other while running around the world, but hey, if that sounds like something you’d like to do with yours then drop us a note.  If you can’t tell by our less than super professional blog, this isn’t a money making endeavor, we’d just be happy to help.

See you in paradise.

Mr. & Mrs. Trading Paradises


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